Side Hustle Digital Marketing Remote Internship 2022 for Africans

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Side Hustle Digital Marketing Remote Internship 2022 for Africans

Side Hustle Digital Marketing Remote Internship 2022 for Africans

Applications are now open for The Side Hustle Internship Programme. Since 2020, Side Hustle has trained over 200 thousand African youths in various fields across Engineering, Marketing, Product and Design.

Is the internship remote?
The Side Hustle Internship is an online internship that allows all participants, regardless of location, to actively participate in the internship.

How long is the internship?
The internship is for 6 weeks, after which there is an optional bootcamp for finalists for another 6 weeks.

The internship is free for all African youths, however, non-Africans have to pay a fee of $50 inclusive of the certificate and bootcamp fee
The Side Hustle Internship is free for all applicants.

How many certificates will I get from Side Hustle Internship?
All finalists are entitled to get 2 certificates. 1 free certificate from Jobberman and one from Side Hustle Internship.

Can I register for another internship if I participated in the last cohort of the internship?
Yes, all participants can participate in multiple cohorts of the internship.


Can I learn more than one course?
Interns are permitted to take a maximum of two courses during each cohort. However, you are not required to register on the website more than once. You will be able to add an additional course to your dashboard after completing your registration.

What is the bootcamp about?
The bootcamp provides all interested Side Hustle Internship finalists with the opportunity to join a team working on a startup and collaborate on world-class projects that will be used in the real world, from start to finish.
The bootcamp phase of the internship is optional for all finalists and costs 5000 NGN.
Some of the past projects from the bootcamp include:

Will jobs be given to interns?
This is an internship to equip youths to increase their chances of becoming employable. We will share job opportunities with our interns. However, this internship is not an employment scheme.

Where will the internship take place?
For effective communication, the internship will take place on the Side Hustle Internship mobile application as well as the telegram group.

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