Waterberg TVET College application status 2022

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Waterberg TVET College application status 2022

Waterberg TVET College application status: If you have applied for admission at the Waterberg TVET College, you should check your application status, 2022 Checker. Find more details on Waterberg College status check read on below

Waterberg TVET College application status – Waterberg College status check – Waterberg College registration status 2022

Have you been admitted, denied, accepted? Has data changed on your application? Waterberg College Application status/admission status lets you know if your application to the Waterberg College – the Waterberg College has been processed, accepted, or rejected, admission status can give you a better idea of what is happening or has happened to your application.

How long does it take for Waterberg TVET College to respond to your application?

According to Waterberg College, the verification of applications takes some time. You may only receive feedback from Waterberg College six to eight weeks after the closing date for applications. That means you can check your application status six weeks after the application deadline.

How do I check my Waterberg TVET College application status or track my application status at Waterberg College?

How to check application status at Waterberg TVET College

Occasionally it can be a little anxious waiting to know if your admission has been accepted or rejected, also checking admission status at Waterberg College Might sometimes be challenging and complicated if you are a first-time applicant, therefore here we have a simplified process that will guide you to track your application status at Waterberg College for 2022 academic year. To check the progress of your application through the Waterberg College Online application portal follow the lead below:


  • Tracking your status at Waterberg College, Kindly Visit the Waterberg College application status tracker page here 
  • Enter your personal information for verification purposes, your personal details such as Student number, Surname /Last name, first name(s) /Forename(s) or email address, and password you used when you applied for admission will be required to check your application status at Waterberg College, from there You will be able to see your application status (i.e. Pending Review, Requires Action, Complete, Pending, Admitted, Cleared Provisional, Admission, Ineligible, Quota Filled Not Selected or Canceled)
  • You will also be able to see what documents have been received and if additional documents are needed to complete your application. Once all required documents have been received, including official copies of transcripts and certificates you have attended, your application will be reviewed for a decision.
  • Your department will make a decision according to their established timelines. Once the Office of Admissions receives the decision from the department, they will notify you via email.
  • You can check the status of your application at any time, by logging in to your Waterberg College applicant portal.

Can Waterberg TVET College reject my application?

Even though your application was complete, an admission decision may still be Pending and the application may still require more review. Waterberg College will assess your application, which includes the points score system. You may be offered a place based on the following: whether you meet the academic admission requirements for your qualification of choice, your minimum points score, and the number of places available for the qualification for which you have applied.

Please note that you will not automatically be accepted to study at Waterberg TVET College even if you meet the requirements for your qualification(s) of choice. Students will be accommodated on the basis of the number of places available for each qualification. Please note that the “first come first served” principle does NOT apply.

It is possible that an applicant may be rejected, or an applicant may receive multiple admission decisions. For example, if an applicant is offered admission to his or her first choice, he or she might not be considered for alternate choices, in some cases, an applicant may receive multiple offers of admission.

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