Fed Poly Nekede Notice on Approved School Fees for 2020/2021 Session

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Fed Poly Nekede Notice on Approved School Fees for 2020/2021 Session

The Management Committee of the Polytechnic at its 2nd meeting held on Monday. 19th July, 2021 approved the introduction of a new set of service charges. This is occasioned by the inability of the previous regime of service charges to meet present financial obligations due to the spiraling cost of delivering such services today using the now unrealistic fees Introduced since 2010. The decision was arrived at after due consultation with the Management Committee and the leadership of the students’ body and has subsequently received the approval of the 14th Governing Council of the Polytechnic.

The attached new fees regime is hereby introduced, with effect from the 2020/2021 academic session, payable only by the new students

Also, following further consultations with wider stakeholders, Management has decided to accept the payment of school fees into two installments during this academic session in order to ease the burden of parents and guidance.

Consequently, students who had already collected the former amount of school fees from their parents or guardians would be allowed to pay that part now as first installment while they make arrangements for the balance which they have to pay by the beginning of the second semester.

In view of (2) two above, the remita for school fees would now ask whether the student wants to pay in full or in part and if the student chooses to pay in part, the remita will generate an invoice for the first installment and reflect the outstanding balance in the receipt of payment.

This first payment will enable the student to register his or her courses and attend lectures during the first semester.


The Polytechnic will in the coming days further engage parents, guardians and other stakeholders on the inevitability of this increase, meant to ensure that we maintain the high standard of teaching, learning, research and development the Polytechnic is known for, which has guaranteed the preferred employment opportunities and successes of our graduates over the years.

Therefore, we advice that this should be considered a rational investment on the student rather than expense. Any new student who is unwilling to accept this arrangement is free to apply for the refund of his or her Acceptance Fee through his or her Head of Department before their date of matriculation.

Thank you for your understanding as we count on your cooperation at this difficult period.

The Fed Poly Nekede school fees payment deadline for the 2019/2020 academic session has been announced. See details on how to apply below.

At the 574th (emergency) meeting of the Academic Board of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede held on Tuesday 8th September 2020, The Board observed with dismay that a good number of students have not paid their school fees for the 2019/2020 Academic Session.

(1) That the deadline for payment of 2019/2020 school fees and all other outstanding fees is from Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 22nd September 2020

(2)  That the Admission of any NDI OR HND1 student who failed to pay within the time frame given above will be deemed to have elapsed at the expiration of the deadline. 

(3)  That the E-LEARNING which the institution just started will be for only students who have paid the appropriate school fees within the time frame given in *(1)* Above. 

Please the above directives by the Academic Board are for your STRICT COMPLIANCE.

DR. (CA) 
For: Registrar. 

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