RAMS Loans; Online Transactions, Savings, Insurance and other Services

RAMS is a leading name in the Australian financial sector that specializes in offering loans to individuals and businesses across Australia. Popularly known as RAMS Loans, RAMS offers various kinds of financial services including with the most popular being the RAMS Home Loans which offers individuals and families affordable loans to purchase their dream house and pay back in installments at very affordable interest rate, usually ranging between 2.5% and 3.5%.

Aside the home loans, the other financial services offered by RAMS include

  • Online transactions
  • Online Savings
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Contents Insurance

How do I apply for a RAMS Loan or Mortgage?

As with most financial service providers, RAMS requires you to provide certain documents before considering your loan or mortgage application. These include


  • Proof of Identity: You must present either your passport, birth certificate, driving license
  • Proof of Income: You are required to present your most current paylsip. This is to enable RAMS review your financial profile
  • Assets and Liability documents: As part of your obligations, you must present a summary of your assets and liabilities including savings accounts, business investments and properties owned.

Are RAM Loans good and safe?

RAMS currently has over 70 branches spread throughout Australia and is among the most visible and safest in the financial market in Australia having very flexible payment terms to ensure clients are not overly burdened or stretched. RAMS fixed term home loans gives clients up to 10years to pay back.

Who Qualifies for a RAMS Loan?

Generally before you can apply for a loan at RAM you must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Be an Australian citizen
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Be working or have a regular source of income

Company Summary

Headquarters Regions Asia-Pacific,  Australasia

Founded Date: 1995

Operating Status: Active

IPO Status: Private

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