Coles Catalogue: Products, Latest Deals, Locations

Coles originally started out in 1914 as a grocery store in Collingwood, Melbourne before growing over the course of the century to become Australia’s largest online supermarket with over 800 stores spread throughout the country. Today Coles Supermarket has assets worth over A$21 billion and employs more than 120,000 people who play various roles in the 807 Coles Supermarkets in Australia.

What Kind Of Products Do Coles Do?

Coles Supermarket offers a wide range of home products for sale on their online shop and physical stores located in all parts of the country.  These products range from fresh food products to canned foods and drinks, beauty products, home and kitchen appliances.

To Shop Online or Walk Into A Store


You can choose to walk into any Coles supermarket and do your weekly shopping or simply visit the Coles online shop, choose your products, make payments and have the items delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

Coles Catalogue

You can choose your location on the online store, then view the week’s special catalogue popularly known as Coles Catalogue and decide whether you want to purchase items placed in your local catalogue.

What can I find in the Cole’s Catalogue?

Items to be placed in the Coles catalogue are decided by the company using some factors which the public may not be aware of. Usually products in the catalogue, mostly groceries come at discounted prices.

View the latest catalogue here HERE

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