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Due to the increasing level of fraud and criminal activities on the globe, it has become increasingly important for organisations, international companies and even government institutions to conduct background checks on their potential employers and to sometimes clients whom they do million dollar business deals with.

What goes into background check?

Background checks are comprehensive investigations and probes into the past of people. The probe usually includes whether the person of interest (one being probed) is actually who he claims he is and not an impersonator and also whether his/ her documents are genuine and belongs to him. Background checks may include going back to his alma mater to check if his academic documents are genuine, going back to his past employers to find out if he was actually a former worker there and what may have led to him quitting the firm. All these checks are carried out by companies to ensure the right people are employed and the chances of an employer defrauding a company’s (financial companies) clients are reduced to the barest minimum.

Are criminal background checks free?

Traditionally, background checks for companies are carried out by Background Check firms who charge companies for the job.  While some background check firms may offer discount on their services, they do not do criminal background checks for free.

Online Free Background checks


While background checks are usually activities carried out by companies, there are private individuals who for personal reasons conduct or like to conduct criminal background checks on people close to them or in their life or people they may have just met. But most often such people, (if you found yourself here I assume you are one of them) look for totally free criminal background checker online to carry out their checks. But do totally free background checks exist online?  Well there is no direct yes or no answer to this question.

There are hundreds of apps and websites on the internet promising to offer totally free criminal checks on anyone for you? In truth most of these sites do not offer what they promise. Usually they only offer limited free service and after a few trials, you will have to pay for the service.

Enough of the long talk, now let show you some of the best criminal background check services in the market today.


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