Australian Post: Services offered, Packages, Insurance, Banking and More

Australian Post is arguably one of the most trusted postal service providers in the world, known officially as the Australian Postal Corporation. The headquarters is situated in Melbourne but runs postal services through country.

Services Offered

Australian Post offers a wide range of services to its millions of customers in the country. Most popular among their services offered include

Sending of Packages; this service makes up a greater percentage of the operations of Australian Postal Corporation. You can use this service to send packages to people across Australia and anywhere on the planet. Best part is you can rely on them to have your product delivered, no matter where you are sending it to. This service comes in 4 packages; economy, standard, express and courier.

Insurance Service: This is one of the most innovative service introduced by any postal service company in the world. Unlike most traditional postal services, Australian post goes beyond the normal package delivery operations and offers insurance services as well, with the most popular being the Australia Post Car insurance and travel insurance

Banking and Payment; Australian Post also plays the role of a financial institution to a large extent by accepting payment of essential services like gas, electricity and phone bills. Not only that you can also transfer money (both domestic and international transfers) using Australian post.

Australia Post Shop: Australia post shop offers consumers the opportunity to sit at home and shop online at and have their purchased products delivered to them in the comfort of their homes by the corporation.

Tracking Number


The tracking number system allows you to track your parcel. By this you are able to know the location of your parcel and when it is finally gets to its destination. Customers who pay for parcel delivery are given an auto-generated tracking number which they use to track their packages. To track your package simply click and enter your tracking number.

Australian Post Contact

For any enquiries or to make complaints, you can reach the customer support of Australia Post on the following line 0061388479045. Alternatively you can reach them on all their social media platforms including facebook and twitter.


Australia Post has over 2000 permanent and temporal workers throughout Australia and continues to employ hundreds of people to fill various positions within the corporation each year. Jobs and positions available at the corporation are advertised in the dailies for interested applicants to apply

What is the Australian post calculator?

Most customers would like to know the cost estimate of they engage any company for any kind of service. That is exactly what the Australia post calculator offers. With the post calculator you can calculate the cost of sending a parcel to anywhere within and outside Australia even before you engage the corporation. All you have to do is visit and enter your current destination and the destination of your parcel to see an estimated cost.

Other notable services offered:

Australian post keeps expanding their operations every year to include more services as demand for novel services keeps growing each year. Here is a list of some of the notable services offered

  • eParcel
  • Startrack

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