Profession In Focus; Artisans in South Africa

One of South Africa’s most important and sort after occupation is Artisanship due to the country’s plans to develop her economy to become a self reliant and well developed nation that produces and manufacture her own goods for her citizens

But who is an artisan and why are they in demand in South Africa?

Artizans are highly skilled persons who use their hands, various tools and modern machines and technology to produce different kinds of essential services and goods. Without this group of people it would be extremely hard for any country to rely on herself for development.

For instance without engineering artisans which includes Welders, Electricians, Fitters, Turners, Millwrights, Sheetmetal Workers, Boilermakers, Mechatronics, Mechanics, Toolmakers, Patternmakers, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Joiners, it would be impossible for any country to develop her infrastructure and may have to depend on engineers on other countries for construction and water management systems.


Role of NECSA Training Centre

For people who have great interest in the artisanal field, NECSA is the ideal place to have your training and become a modern well trained artisan who can fill the gap currently existing in the country with regards to artisanship.

NECSA offers skills  to South Africans in the following disciplines and statutory courses:

  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality
  • Apprenticeships
  • Radiation protection
  • RPL
  • Short courses


NECSA as an artisan training institution is accredited by the aforementioned authorities:

  • Skills Development Provider and Trade Test Centre
  • Quality Council for Traded and Occupations (QCTO)]
  • The Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA)
  • Visit The Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA)

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