How Much will I get from NSFAS? – All Monetary Questions Answered

There is no fix amount as to how much NSFAS can you give you as amounts are determined by NSFAS in consultation with institutions of study. What this simply mean is that amount differ each year. However there is a general trend that sees the amount received by each student increasing by an average of 10% each year. For the 2020 academic year students received

  • Personal care allowance; R230 per month
  • Transportation Allowance; R10,000 per anum          
  • Book Allowance; R416 per month totaling R5000 per anum
  • Accommodation allowance; Determined by the accommodation price of the university’s halls.

When Will NSFAS Open Registration?

NSFAS typically opens online application in the first week of September every year to ensure the Bursary has enough time to receive application and thoroughly scrutinize them before January of the following year when qualified applicants are supposed to be selected and funded. In August 2019, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Blade Nzimande, announced that NSFAS online application would kick off on 1st September 2019.

Are NSFAS Application Opened for 2021?


2021 NSFAS Application has not been opened and would most likely begin in the month of September. We will keep you updated on NSFAS 2021 application.

How much money does NSFAS give to student?

NSFAS Bursary has no fix amount as allowances for students tend to see a small percentage increment each year to meet the needs of students. To get an idea of how much you are likely to get from NSFAS Bursary this coming academic year, take a look at the allowances given to applicants last year and add roughly 5% to that amount.

Does NSFAS give you pocket money?

NSFAS gives personal allowance money to take care of your personal needs such at toiletry, sanitary pads, and basic essential needs. This can be termed as pocket money and was recently introduced to help students be able to afford everyday basic essential needs. In 2020 the monthly allowance given to students as Personal need allowance was R230. However that amount is likely to see an increment in the coming years.

How long does NSFAS take to reply?

NSFAS typically takes 24hours to respond to queries especially when they are sent by email or on their various social media handles. For those looking for quick responses, it is always advisable to call their office lines as that has proven to be a much quicker way of getting a response from them.

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