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Capitec Mobile Banking, Loan Calculator, Careers, Branch Locator and more

Capitec Mobile App makes it easier for customers of Capitec Bank to access dozens of banking services online such as acquisition of Bank Statement, payment for a service or simply withdrawing money, from the comfort of their offices or offices or wherever they find themselves.

Is it safe?

Yes, Capitec Banking App is very safe to use and has all the necessary security features to ensure your data and records are protected and kept safe from any preying eyes or fraudsters. The App was designed by the bank and is generally regarded as one of the safest online banking apps in Africa.

How do I Get the App

Follow these easy and simple steps to get access to the Capitec Online Banking App

  • Visit any Capitec Branch near you and open an account
  • Next, verify your phone number and email address
  • An SMS with a download link would be sent to your verified phone number
  • Click on the link in the sent SMS to download your Mobile App
  • After downloading, click on install and activate the App

Upgrade and Launch of New App

Capitec has launched a new App which is now available on Android Play Store and Apple Store. The new App is not considered an upgrade on the old up which requires you to visit a nearby branch before gaining access. Verified customers of the old app can simply download the new app on Play Store without visiting any branch, after which the old app would not function again on their cell.

Capitec Bank APK

Customers can also use the shortcut route by simply downloading the Capitec App APK and installing it on their phones. After installation, you must activate the app before it can be used for banking services.

Click on the link below to download the app’s APK and install it to begin banking from home


Capitec Internet Banking

For customers who have not yet downloaded the Capitec Bank App, you can still make use of the Capitec Internet Banking service provided you own a smartphone or have access to the internet. And just like the mobile app, the capitec internet banking is very safe to use as the system is well built to prevent data breaches.

Internet Banking Steps

  • Enter your account number/username and Password/remote pin
  • Click on sign in to access your account

Once signed in, you can perform any of the following actions from the comfort of your home

  • Buy electricity (for yourself or a friend)
  • View your last electricity tokens purchased
  • Register and maintain your SMS Update settings
  • Add recurring (stop orders) or future-dated payments
  • Add recurring (stop orders) or future-dated transfers
  • Stop lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Update your daily card limits
  • Save and verify your email address for added security
  • View or download statements
  • Do payments (people or accounts)
  • Do credit facility transfers
  • Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles (for yourself or a friend)
  • View or download tax interest certificates
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • View your transaction and payment history

Always make sure you sign out after successfully conducting your online transactions.

Capitec Personalized Loans

Customers of Capitec Bank can apply for personalized loans from the comfort of their homes through the bank’s Internet Banking Service. Customers can get up to R250000 in loans but generally the amount giving to customers depends on their banking transaction history and monthly salary, both of which are used to determine your ability to pay back the loan.

Interest Related Issues

  • Loans repayments are done on monthly installment basis (Amount to be paid each month is negotiated between the customer and the bank. Usually a general agreement is reached between both parties with the bank choosing the best option that would ensure customer is able to pay regularly and still have enough to live on)
  • Comes at a rate of 12.9percent
  • Customers have between 1 and 84 months to repay their loans

For further questions and enquires on Capitec Loans, customers should visit the nearest branch or contact their office lines.

Student Loan

Capitec Bank customers who also double as students can apply for a student loan with Capitec and receive funds to further their education. However a customer must have a good credit record and be a customer for a certain period of time in other to stand any chance of being successful in their loan application.

Loans granted to customers for education purposes also tend to come with a lower interest as compared to other forms of loans offered by Capitec Bank.

Interested customers and students should visit the nearest Capitec Branch for more information.

How much can I get?

All Capitec Bank loans are personal loans which mean they don’t have a fix amount or a general amount they give to customers. Instead they go through your personal profile and your financial history to determine how should be given you. This method is to ensure customers are not given loan amounts they cannot pay back even if given eternity to do so.

Capitec Loan Calculator

Capitec offers loans up to the tune of R250000 with the customer having between 1 to 84months to complete payment of the loan. Many people who go in for the loans usually want to be able to calculate their loan interest even before applying. The Capitec loan comes with interest as low as 12.9% (depending on the amount you took and this figure may slightly be different as at the time you ae reading this). To calculate your loan interest or how much you are expected to pay each month, simply take into consideration the amount you took, the number of months the amount was spread over and the fact that you could be paying at least 12.9% interest. This should give you a rough idea how much you will be paying each month.

Altenatively you can use the Capitec Loan Calculator which gives you a rough but reliable estimation. CLICK HERE  to use the Capitec Loan Calculator

Capitec Address

Investors and clients looking to visit the Capitec head office or send them a post mail should use the following physical address details

Physical Address

1 Quantum Street
Techno Park

Postal Address

PO Box 12451
Die Boord

Interest Rate

Capitec Bank offers favourable interest rate to different clients depending on your account type or product with the bank.

Holders of Capitec savings account enjoy up to 4.50% annual interest on their savings but will also be debited R5 by the bank every month as administration fee.

To enjoy higher interest rate, clients would have to go in for the more favourable fixed-term savings plan, also known as the Single-deposit plan.

How this method works

  • You decide how long (duration) you want to invest your money with the bank. You choose between a period of six to sixty months
  • Deposit a minimum of R10000
  • Interest calculation begins immediately you complete paper work and deposit your money. Your interest depends on the amount you invested.

Fixed-term Interest Rate Summary

Term (Months)  R10 000 – R24 999R25 000 – R99 999R100 000+
7 -95.05%5.17%5.25%5.38%5.35%5.48%
10 -125.55%5.69%6.05%6.22%6.10%6.27%
13 – 185.70%5.85%6.20%6.38%6.25%6.43%
19 – 245.75%5.90%6.55%6.75%6.60%6.80%
25 – 366.25%6.43%7.00%7.23%7.15%7.39%
37 – 487.05%7.28%7.70%7.98%7.75%8.03%

Note: Unlike the Transaction/Savings Fixed-term Savings do not attract a monthly administration fee

You can open a Capitec account by visiting any Capitec Branch near you with all the necessary documents such as National ID and register for an account.

Opening Online Account

Unfortunately Capitec Bank does not allow opening of accounts online currently. However this is most likely to change in the near future. For now you would have to visit the nearest branch to open a account.

Banking Online

While you can only open a Capitec account by visiting a branch, you can bank online through the Capitec Internet Banking and Capitec Mobile App

You can get in touch with Capitec Bank through the following contact details.

Client Care

This contact line responds to the needs and enquiries of clients of Capitec. Whether it is to report a fraudulent activity, needing help with your Global One facility or simply want information on a product or service.

T 021 941 1377
 +27 21 941 0770
E [email protected]


If you have any questions regarding the various credit and loan facilities offered by Capitec, use the following contact


Telephone: 0860 66 77 89


Capitec Bank merchants can contact the bank through any of the following numbers:

T 0860 66 77 06
F +27 21 941 0790
E [email protected]

Capitec funeral cover

Capitec Funeral Cover

Capitec Funeral Cover/Plan is the fastest growing and most reliable funeral plan in South Africa banking sector. You can get up to R100000 funeral cover for 21 dependants while at the same time paying for just one plan.

There are no fixed premiums, you can choose a premium that best fits your budget or financial profile and allow Capitec to calculate the cover for you.

How do you apply

Interested customers must visit any Capitec Branch to begin the process. Most importantly, you must have the birth dates and information of family members (dependants) you intend to add to the plan as that information would be requested for by the bank.

Alternatively you can apply through the Capitec Mobile App from the comfort of your home and receive lower premiums.

Life Assured CategoriesMaximum Cover
PolicyholderR100 000
Spouse (18 – 64 years)R100 000
Children (14 years and older)R60 000 each*
Children (6 – 13 years)R50 000 each*
Children (newborn – 5 years)R20 000 each*
Parents (26 – 85 years)R50 000 each*
Extended family (0 – 85 years)    R50 000 each

Maximum cover paid out to you or 21 dependants in case of death

Credit Card

Capitec offers you an internationally accepted credit card to make online payments and purchases from anywhere in the world of the comfort of your homes. You must however be an account holder with Capitec Bank in other to apply for their credit card.

How to Apply for the Credit Card

  • Visit the nearest Capitec Branch in your community or area
  • Speak to the official in charge of card applications
  • You would be requested to provide some very vital information on a form
  • The official will give you a date to return to the bank for your card, in some cases, no date would be given you, instead the bank will call you when your card is ready

Benefits of the Capitec Credit Card

  • Linked to all your accounts
  • Make online payments and secure purchase
  • No currency conversion fees when you make international purchase
  • You can apply for credit through your Capitec Credit Card

Banking/Trading Hours

Capitec Bank is arguably one of the busiest and most visited banks in South Africa with a customer population of more than 7 million. This mean people are constantly searching for the right time to visit any of the bank’s 760 branches or looking for information regarding their working times.

Below is a simple summary of the trading/business hours of Capitec branches across South Africa

Mondays to Fridays

8am – 5pm


8am – 1pm


9am to 1pm

Note: There are few branches across the country that do not partake in the Weekend banking as the service is largely designed for branches located in very busy areas and receive huge number of customers on daily basis

Capitec Branch Locator

Capitec Bank has well over 3000 ATMs across the country, some of which are located in the bank’s 750 branches making Capitec ATMs one of the most visible teller machines in our communities and cities.

Where can I find the nearest Capitec ATM?

You are most likely to find a Capitec ATM in the Malls, University Campus and even hospitals closer to you so always look out for these places whenever you are searching for one to make withdrawals.

We understand there are cases where you may not find one at any of the mentioned places. In such cases, you can use the nearest Saswitch ATM which comes with a fixed fee of R8.83 for all withdrawals.

Alternatively you can use the CAPITEC ATM AND BRANCH LOCATOR  if you are looking for a specific branch or ATM.

Capitec understands the needs of its millions of customers and does it best to always innovate products tailored to suit those needs, with one of those very important products being the Capitec Cellphone Banking.

Cellphone Banking

What is the Capitec Cellphone Banking?

The Capitec Cellphone banking is a product designed specially for customers who cannot regularly visit the banking halls and neither own a smartphone or have access to the internet. With the Celllphone Banking all that customers in this category have to do is dial the short code;*120*3279# and start banking on your cellphones from the comfort of their homes. You can also dial the shortcode 130*3279# to purchase airtime in case you run out.

Should be noted that customers who may want to use this product would first have to visit any Capitec branch and register for the service. Once registered, you can access the service with your auto-generated Mobile Banking Pin.

Customers on this service can pay bills, buy airtime, transfer money, make withdrawals, request for Bank Statements and so much more.

Capitec Branch Code

 Below are details of Capitec Bank Branch Code

Branch Code:  470010




Resident City: WESTERN CAPE

Career Opportunities

Capitec Bank continues to offer professionals career opportunities at the Bank every year. These career opportunities are not limited to finance or banking only, as the bank has various departments that requires the services of professionals in fields like Human Resource, IT, Business Development, Engineering etc. Below is a list of current career opportunities at Capitec. Click on the job that best suits your area of specialty to apply

Infrastructure Specialist: Cloud
IT Developer: Front End
Service Consultant Pipeline
Systems Engineer
Client Service Champion
Service Consultant
Agent: Contact Centre (Pipeline)
Analyst Developer: Front End
Business Analyst: Card Management System – Issuing
Recruitment Consultant (9 Month Contract)
Senior Specialist: Model Validation
Team Leader: Credit Pricing
Team Leader: Credit Pricing (Pipeline)
Agent: Technical Support (ATM) – Fixed Term contract
Data Governance Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst – Pipeline
Agent: Multi Skill
Architect: Technology Platform
Agent: Centralised Collections (Pipeline)
Business Intelligence Administrator – Pipeline
Infrastructure Specialist (DBA)
Database Administrator

Applicants are advised to choose the job that best fits their area of specialty or courses offered in the university or college to stand a greater chance securing employment

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