Schauenburg Bursary for SA Students 2021-2022

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Schauenburg Bursary for SA Students 2021-2022

The Schauenburg bursary is intended for students who want to study for selective study fields which are part of the Scarce Skills in South Africa. They support and finance students who are in their 3th and 4th year of study in the field of Business Management and Electronic/Electrical Engineering. Read on if you want to know how to apply for this bursary.

Who Can Apply?

How do you qualify for a bursary with the Schauenburg Education trust?

  1. You are a student in your 3rd or 4th year and you are studying Electrical/Electronic Engineering degrees. (BEng or BSc)
  2. You are in your 3rd or 4th year of study in the direction of a Business administration/Management degree.

And further requirements:

  • They will give preference to black Students and black female students and black disabled students in particular.
  • You are a SA citizen with a valid ID
  • You accept undergoing psychometric testing and interviews
  • You are willing to spend your University holidays working for Schauenburg systems
  • You are studying at accredited Universities (University of Technology or college is not accepted)

Students who are currently in their second and third year of study may apply for this bursary. You should have passed all courses in your first 2 years of study. You will also need to show some good grades if you want to make a chance on this bursary.


Make Sure To Read This

  • if you already receive a bursary, your application will not be accepted
  • Schauenburg Trust decided on what criteria they will choose a candidate for their bursary. Bursaries will be awarded based on need and merit.
  • If you breach your bursary contract, they have the power to cancel your bursary immediately.
  • Schauenburg only selects students from certain Universities and they can amend this at any time according to their preference.

What Does The Bursary Cover?

Registration fees, exam fees and Tuition fees will all be paid for directly to the University. They will also pay for accommodation and meals. The amount they pay for the room will be determined by Schauenburg Trust and based on the average single room at a University hostel.

They will also pay for text books and the materials needed for the courses. A small allowance to cover some extra costs for living is also included.

How To Apply For the Schauenburg Bursary?

If you wish to apply for this bursary you will need to do so before 30 June 2020. if you are late, your application will not be considered.

You need to complete the Schauenburg Education Trust Application Form on their website. They will ask for a cover letter and your motivation. Be well prepared for this, a good cover letter can make a big difference.

You will also need to included your Matric results and your full Academic record of your years at University. This should be a document with a very recent date so they can see you passed all your subjects.

If they like your cover letter and you pass all the requirements, they will invite you for an interview. If accepted, you will need to sign a bursary contract. Make sure to read it very well so there are no surprises afterward.

If you have any questions left you can contact them at their website.

Closing Date For This Bursary

30 June 2020

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