Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships 2021 -2022

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Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships 2021 -2022

Ekurhuleni Metro Police is an institution that is dedicated to educating and imparting the necessary skills and knowledge to South African citizens. It achieves this by providing Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships programs. The institution has established a good reputation as one of the best learnership institutions in South Africa. They have increased the number of skilled workers in many South Africa companies which led to improved productivity.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships

There are different learnership fields at Ekurhuleni Metro Police. Any person that is interested in any learnership program offered by this institution will be required to sign a contract of 18 months.

These Are The Fields:

  • Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Social Work
  • Licensing Services
  • Health Care Worker
  • By-laws
  • Domestic violence
  • Firearm Training
  • SAPS Act
  • Crime Prevention
  • National Road Regulations
  • National Traffic Act
  • Electrical
  • Environmental Education
  • Accounting
  • Cashier

Individuals are able to choose the field they prefer. This mainly depends on their job. It is important to note that applying for training at Ekurhuleni Police Station is not a guarantee that you will qualify. Only candidates that meet the qualification criteria will be shortlisted.

Monthly Stipend

Ekurhuleni Metro Police will give a stipend to candidates for the entire period of the learnership. Other costs such as food, accommodation and transport have to be paid by the candidate themselves. They are therefore required to plan accordingly so they are able to complete their learnerships without having problems with accommodation and other things that are not provided by the institution. Some candidates will be given permanent employment upon completing their learnership at Ekurhuleni Metro Police, this is not guaranteed.

How long will it take to complete this Learnership?

The time it takes for a candidate to complete training at Ekurhuleni Metro Police varies depending on the learnership. A candidate for Social Worker may take less time when compared to one that is receiving a learnership in management or accounting.


Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships: Requirements

  • South African citizenship
  • Age between 18 and 35 years
  • Valid ID document
  • Proficient in English
  • No criminal record. Finger print checks will be conducted
  • Computer literate. This however depends on the field that he/she is applying
  • Candidate must not have any former work practice
  • Valid Grade 12 or Matric Certificate as a prerequisite for qualification.
  • Candidate must be Medically fit

The above qualifications requirements should not discourage you from making an application if you are handicapped. Individuals with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply.

Applicants who do not meet the basic requirements will not be considered by Ekurhuleni Metro Police. Qualified candidates will be shortlisted. They will also be asked to undergo a psychometric and language proficiency test. In addition, they may be required to take part in a medical fitness exam. Furthermore, all their documents will be verified by the relevant departments and criminal record checked to confirm that they have ever involved themselves in criminal cases.

How To Apply for Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships?

Candidates who are interested in applying for the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnership are required to download the learnership form. It contains important information candidates are required to read, understand, agree and comply. The institution advertises learnership opportunities on the Ekurhuleni Metro Careers Page. Candidates are advised to keep an eye at this website to ensure they don’t miss this opportunity.

Application forms are available at any Metro Police offices located in different regions in the Republic of South Africa.

Here Are The Offices And Their Locations

  • Kempton Park- Customer Care Centre, Cnr. CR Swarft
  • Springs-Civic Centre, Cnr South Main Rift Road
  • Brakpan-Civic Centre, Esombe Street
  • Germiston- 88 Presidents Street
  • Benoni-Bensan Building, Woburn Street 52

Candidates are expected to fill the application forms with accurate and relevant information. Once certified, the completed forms will be returned to the same Metro Police offices they were collected. Applicants are advised to sign their completed forms before submitting. It is important to note that all applications that are sent via email, fax or submitted late will not be considered.

Applications at Metro Police Learnership are accepted 6 weeks prior to the closing date. This gives candidates enough time to complete their application in time.

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