Boston City Campus Bursary 2021-2022

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Boston City Campus Bursary 2021-2022

Boston City Campus has continually added new study disciplines to its offering since the year of its establishment in 1991. With over 100 courses available listed in various fields, starting from Higher Certificates to Degrees, Boston has education as their top priority.

Since the beginning of their services, Boston has established a bursary program to assist as many students as possible to see their educational journey through to the workplace. The Boston City Campus Bursary has gone through many changes over time starting in the finance sector.

The Boston City Campus Bursary was established to provide financial assistance to learners who are financially needy and will not be able to graduate without steady financial backing.  Boston City Campus has a committee that carefully evaluates all applications and does its best to assist as many students as possible for the campus. Boston City Campus aims to do everything possible to assist a learner through to their graduation.

Closing Date

This Bursary is divided into semesters. Semester B’s closing date will be on 30 May 2021. Make sure to have your application submitted before this date or it will not be considered by the committee.

What is The Boston City Campus Bursary?

This bursary is awarded to students by the Boston City Campus twice per year. It is aimed toward financially needy students. These students will need to provide strong reasoning to convince Boston’s committee to award the bursary. It is available to all students currently enrolled and returning.

Students are free to pursue any course in any field they wish to graduate in. Boston City Campus aims to assist as many students as possible with financial cover. Their top priority is to provide quality education to all learners, and this bursary program will help learners in any field reach their end goal of graduation and an established career in the workplace.

Who Can Apply?

The Boston City Campus Bursary is open to all students who require financial assistance with their education. Students have been granted the freedom to choose any field of study provided by the institution and will be granted the financial backing needed to see the course through to graduation.

All applications are considered by the campus’ committee and an attempt is made to assist as many applicants as possible. You will need to have completed your matric, and have or plan to study with Boston City Campus and any of its courses available.


What does The Boston City Campus Bursary cover?

The Boston City Campus Bursary program provides financial cover toward study-related fees such as tuition fees and prescribed books. The committee will assist as much as possible, with consideration of external expenses that the learner may experience such as transportation costs and food.

A benefit that students can gain is that they will not need to spend any extra money on textbooks since they are included in the recipient’s tuition fees. Please be aware that the Boston City Campus Bursary will not be able to provide financial cover for external examination fees.

How to Apply

To apply for the Boston City Campus Bursary, you will need to speak with the branch manager of your local Boston campus. Be aware that the branch manager retains the decision to accept bursary applications online, or request supporting documents with submission at the campus.

Boston’s regular requirement is for applications to be submitted at the campus, certain campuses will allow a submission via email due to COVID19, but that is the decision of the campus. Make sure to include the listed supporting documents in your application or the application will not be considered by the committee.

The supporting documents required are the following:

  • A certified copy of your ID.
  • A certified copy of your matric certificate for new students.
  • A motivational letter providing strong reasoning as to why you should be awarded this bursary.
  • A copy of your Boston academic results if you are a returning student.

Please be aware that email requests to Boston’s Head Office will not be accepted. Every application must be made and submitted on Boston’s bursary system by a branch manager.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns related to the Boston City Campus Bursary. Feel free to contact a Boston campus near you. Their website has all campuses listed and the various contact numbers linked to them provided, along with their addresses.

You can also leave you a question with your email address at the bottom of their Contact Us page and they will get back to you shortly. You can also contact them by emailing Boston directly at the following email address:

 [email protected]

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