Bursaries for Film and Media 2021 -2022

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Bursaries for Film and Media 2021 -2022

The world of film and media revolves around entertainment, social life, and the shaping of our people, cultures, and more. It is seen and hears everywhere in our daily lives. This field includes the news, papers, radio, internet, television, films, and all aspects of media.

Bursaries for film and media offers candidates a variety of bursaries from multiple companies in and out of South Africa each year. Here are just some of the companies listed below for study in this field. Or take a look at our other bursaries for South Africa.

Bursaries for Film and Media

Here are the most common study fields if considering a career in film and media:

  • Video Editor
  • Media Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Editor
  • Art Director
  • Copywriter
  • Set Builder
  • Projects Manager
  • Film Director
  • Sound Designer
  • Casting Associate
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Staff Writer

You may also look at the following fields:


  • Camera Assistant
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Personal Assistant
  • Photographer
  • Advertising Assistant
  • Props Technician
  • Script Reader
  • Sound Assistant

With a degree in film and media, your work opportunities are plenty and you can enter in many industries. These range from newspapers, radio, and television, then on to the film and movie industry, also including marketing and advertising.

If you are looking for bursaries in film and media, you will have to meet the stipulations as set out by each company before you apply. Candidates may need the following and more:

  • To apply you must be a South African citizen with a valid ID document.
  • You must be an analytical thinker with problem-solving skills.
  • You must be able to work individually and as part of a team.
  • You will need good language skills for communication.

This field holds many possibilities and directions for career options. Depending on your intended skill set you will be able to work in many industries in any country. You can go in any field such as film, digital media, photography, video, writing, marketing, management, and more.

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