HR Internships 2021 -2022 South Africa

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HR Internships 2021 -2022 South Africa

Human Resources is a field with many different opportunities. If you are a person who has a background in management, staffing, work protocols or employee issues, you may want to consider HR internships in South Africa. This is a paid endeavour which gives hands-on training and experience for your career. The need for reliable Human Resource professionals is expanding daily. Interns will be involved in employee relations, mediations, the formation of policy and benefit regulations. Most companies provide a monthly stipend to help with travel costs.

Applicants will work directly with experts in the field as they gain corporate and business strategies. They will engage in such areas as globalization, labour laws, strategic planning and employee optimization. Interns can also expect to learn about mergers, recruitment, and organizational administration.

Companies offering HR Internships

Here are some of the leading companies hiring Human Resource interns in South Africa:

  • Atlantis Corporate This company provides staffing and project assistance to other large corporations.
  • Liberty is a South African company that works with financial advice and resources.
  • Tiger Brands This company provides resources in management, marketing, and client relations.
  • The Coca-Cola Company One of the largest corporations today, Coca-Cola has endless opportunities for the Human Resource professional.
  • Eaton is a South African company that specializes in electrical needs. This is a growing group of experts.
  • RLC Foods is an expansive food provider for Africa with many opportunities for interns.
  • Amazon Another giant in the industry-interns who successfully apply here will be on the cutting edge of technology as well as marketing and benefits resources.
  • Department of Public Services and Administration– This government office provides resources for the residents of South Africa with internships in their Human Resource Department.
  • Great North Transport This is the major transportation company in South Africa, with over 58 million passengers. There are many opportunities for Human Resource specialists in this organization.
  • Aveng From designing bridges to building schools, this company is the leading group for growth in South Africa.
  • SGS Interns for this company will be a part of the leading group for certifications, verification and testing throughout South Africa.
  • Heinz This giant corporation will provide interns with extensive hands-on experience for every part of the business model.
  • Netcare
  • Mimecast

HR Internships Available Fields

Some specific areas for internships include:


  • Administrator of Recruitment
  • Management in Human Resources
  • Human Resource Specialist and Generalist
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Trainer
  • Department Development

HR Internships Requirements

Each department will have its guidelines and policies, but the general requirements are:

  • Between the ages 18-35
  • Must be a citizen of South Africa with required documentation
  • Must have 12 grade or Matric certificate
  • Currently unemployed
  • Knowledgeable and proficient regarding computers
  • Fluent in English
  • There are other attributes that companies look for such as leadership qualities, strong work ethic, problem-solving skills and ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Human Resource Interns also must be detail oriented and analytical. Negotiation and interpersonal skills are also a must.

How to Apply for HR Internships?

Each company will have its application process, but there are general tips for you to remember. Applications must be completed entirely with emphasis on your specialized background and training. Visit the web page for the company you are interested in and search for employment or career tabs. The general rule is if you haven’t been contacted within three months of your application, you should apply at other companies. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to give back while enhancing your career goals.

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