Environmental Internships 2021 -2022

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Environmental Internships 2021 -2022

Our environment is a subject that has worldwide impact. If you have a background or training in Environmental Studies, you may want to consider Environmental Internships positions. There are different types of internships available. A paid internship compensates you for the work that you do. An unpaid internship gives hands-on experience and training. Both are great opportunities to grow in your career.

Companies offering Environmental Internships

There are some notable companies in need of interns in South Africa. Some examples are:

  • Tiger Brands Interns with this company can expect experience with Marketing, Research, Development and Finance.
  • Department of Environmental Affairs this is a government-supported organization that oversees everything from Conservation to Public Education. Interns will gain insight into management requirements and standards.
  • Agreenco Environmental Projects Interns, who become a part of this group, can expect to have training in Auditing, Rehabilitation, water purification and treatment plans.
  • San Parks This incredible National Park organization will provide candidates with hands-on experience in wildlife management and preservation; public awareness and education and school initiatives.
  • Greenpop is, a charity, found in South Africa that will invite interns to make a difference in the environment through work and studies of climate change, planting trees and working as a liaison with the public.
  • Ecoleges Environmental Consultants works with prominent organizations in the Environmental Management programs. Interns will be a part of testing, audits, and evaluations that will provide new strategies for large companies.

Environmental Internships Available Fields

Some of the areas in Environmental Studies include the following:


  • Administrative Specialist
  • Environmental Scientist Associate
  • Communications with Information Technology
  • Marine Science, Zoology, and Oceanography
  • Waste and Pollution Management
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assessor
  • Media and Customer Relations
  • Procurement and Marketing
  • Other Natural Sciences
  • Monitoring and Testing

Environmental Internships Requirements

There are much more areas for an Environmental Study Internship. South Africa affords a rich diversity in land and population that will enrich your knowledge. Although each company may have specific requirements, there are some general criteria each applicant must meet.

  • Must be a resident of South Africa with approved documentation
  • Must be currently unemployed
  • Must have a Grade 12/Matric certificate
  • Knowledgeable in computer programs
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Be between the ages 18 and 35

Some organizations require that you have a degree in the field you are applying for. Some of the accepted programs are Social Studies, Environmental Science/Studies; Law with a speciality in Environmental Studies; Social History and Tourism. You can check with your particular company to see the complete list.

How to Apply for Environmental Internships?

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please visit the website and search the employment or career tab. Universities and job placement services are also good ways to find internships. The application process is a crucial part of your success. You must be sure to answer all questions completely. A cover letter that outlines your experience and education is also recommended. Internships can be from 6 months up to one year or longer, so you must be sure you can commit this time.

Internships in South Africa are a unique opportunity to learn and gain on hand experience in the field of your choice. The area of the environment has vast areas of interest. You will be helping others while you enhance your resume.

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